Monday, March 25, 2013

Junktiquing in Buena Vista and Lexington, VA

Junktiquing in Buena Vista and Lexington, VA
Rt. 60 and 81
Shenandoah Valley

We made an impromptu decision to head out to the mountains this weekend. With impending snow coming the first of the week, we wanted to enjoy the nice weather and my Saturday off. 

We love this side of the mountain.  It has a different feel and scenery than the east side.  The Maury river runs along parallel to Rt. 81 and is a hot spot for canoers and kayakers in the peak seasons.

It was just a beautiful, relaxing country drive. I'll skip the trip details this time, as it was marginally uneventful, and just get to the details of the antique shops we discovered.

Our first stop was in Buena Vista, VA where we stopped for a bite to eat.  We were looking for the famous "Franks for the Memories" restaurant but it was closed for the season.  They are famous for their hot dogs and burgers.  It's an outdoor tent with seating and under new management we were told.

We went down Magnolia, which use to be the main street, and found a few shops and went into Ace's Attic Antiques.  A very small shop with a lot of character and charm.  Interesting items, depending what you are seeking.  Say hello to Jim!

After Ace's we heading on out to Lexington to the two large antique stores we found in the guide.  We were surprised at how developed Lexington was, yet still felt homey.  It's also the home of VMI.

The Antique Mall we found first and a mall it is!  Over 200 vendors and 40,000 sq. feet!  About a 1/3 of it is furniture so that cut down on the amount of time we would have spent.  We had a great time looking through here and spent about 2 hours pursuing all the booths.  So many items we've not seen before at other malls so that was exciting.  I could have walked out with quite a few items if I'd had the room for it at home but keeping that in mind I restrained myself.  The only downfall of this mall is the layout and lighting.  You end up walking around back into the same areas you had already been because it is chaotic.  I think they just want to you to stay. lol  They have a pug that is the store mascot but he was no where to be found for a photo.  This is a definite stop to make.  You will enjoy yourself.  If you like art glass, knick knacks, collectibles, etc. you will be overwhelmed with the selection which will make it difficult to make choices. lol  Pricing ranged from market value and retail to down right deals!

Military and coins
A wide selection of jewelry, collectibles, glassware, furniture, etc.
I have been looking for one of these Japanese Dolls since I lost mine 30 years ago.  It was a gift from an old friend back in college. Wish I could have purchased it but it was nice to see one again.
Beautiful fish watercolor I really wanted to own.
60s-70s paperweight-reminds me of the Partridge Family for some reason.
Beautiful hand-painted Chinese panel would have love to have as well.

Old butter churn and Americana items.

Old ceramic jewelry box, old albums and magazines.

Our next destination was to find Duke's Lexington Antique Center.  Like the VMFA they are open 365 days a year!

They have over 200 dealers and consignments.  We really liked this store's layout and lighting.  Very easy to navigate and brightly lit so you can see.  It is also climate controlled which helps to preserve the items from warping and temperature damage.

You want unusual....then this is the place.  They have a large carnival attraction in the back of the store of the electric chair among other carnival attractions like carousel horses.  They also have several player pianos, jewelry, artwork, glassware, collectibles and much, much more!

Outside of the store.
The store mascot, Morris the cat, prowling around.
Morris the Cat posing for his cameo.
I think Morris has had enough pictures taken.  He did come back to me in the store to be pet. 
Just look at this lighting and selection!
Very spacious!

Lots of pretty things for the ladies and manly items for the guys.

We enjoyed this store as well with the wide variety of the unusual. Again many items we've never seen we found here and it will bring us back again.  We didn't have the time we would have liked to spend in here but both hubby and I found at least one item....of course hubby found a pipe. :)  I found a very pretty glass etched apple.  Both items were very reasonably priced.

We headed back and tried to have dinner at the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, VA but it was packed as usual.  I think you must come early to get in here as it seems rather popular.  They are suppose to have excellent food and beverages.  We just didn't have time to wait.
It was a relaxing and fun day in the Shenandoah Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We met some nice people and found a couple of great antique malls.  So many more places in the area that we would like to come back and see next time.  It's a really nice area and Roanoke is on the other side of Buena Vista.  We are thinking this might be a nice place to relocate one day. ;)

If you have been to this area I'd love the hear your comments. If you visit the antique malls please tell them you heard about them from Izze.

Happy hunting!

Izze & Sean

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