Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Antique Shop in Chesterfield! Take a Gander...

Friday I decided to take the day and do my antique shop tour of Chesterfield.  Along with my usual haunts on Hull Street and Midlothian Turnpike I stopped in at the "big red barn" and discovered a new shop called, "Take a Gander Antique and Gifts."  Owned and operated by Cathy Hyll, she opened about a month ago in April 2012.

It's a small but nicely arranged space with antiques, jewelry, quilts, rugs, collectibles and wrought iron.  She is still figuring out what is their niche' but I thought they had a nice selection of items for just starting out.

Stop by and check out this new addition to our antique shops and tell Cathy that Izze sent you.  I saw a necklace my daughter might like so I plan to go back soon, myself.

Of mention, Cathy's sister makes rings.  Ask Cathy to show you hers, it was beautiful!

While you are in the same shopping center stop by at the "Attic Treasures".  There is always something new in this consignment shop and items on discount.

I also stopped by the Thrifty Quaker and Midlothian Antiques Center on Midlothian Turnpike.

Midlothian Antiques Center

On Hull street you must visit The MarQet Place antique, furniture and gift mall in the K-Mart shopping center next to the Dollar Tree.

Antiquing in Gordonsville and Louisa, VA

Gordonsville, VA

Today was just a great day for a road trip.  Perfect weather, sunny, mid 70s, no humidity and blue skies.  We decided to visit Gordonsville, VA today for a bit of antiquing at "Gordonsville Antique & Flea Market" just on the other side of Louisa, VA.

Winding down mostly back country roads to enjoy the beautiful green landscapes, windows wide open, while singing at the top of our lungs to our 80s rock play list on the mp3 player.  Life doesn't get better than this.

From Richmond we drove on 288N, 64W, 522N then 33W to Gordonsville.

Looks are deceiving.  While it looks rather small on the outside it is a large space inside with about 50 or more vendors.  Let's take a look.


Owned and operated by Sonny, they do not advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or any other publication except the The Sunday Driver Antique map.  Sonny says, "We publicize by word of mouth."

I was amazed at not only the quantity but the quality of items in this little town of Gordonsville.  Upscale vintage and antique jewelry at appraisal prices.  Wide variety of items from furniture to antique toys.  The ceiling was covered with vintage metal lunch boxes like stars in the sky.  I can't believe someone wouldn't find something here that they would fall in love with.  However, as I mentioned, most items are at appraisal prices so I wouldn't come here if you are looking for a deal. Some of the dealers have good prices but overall we agreed that they must be watching "Pawn Stars",  "American Pickers" or "Antique's Road Show" for some of the pricing.  We didn't find any treasures there today but we had fun looking around. They also have an outdoor flea market in front of the store so come early as they pack up around 2:00 pm.

Gordonsville Antique and Flea Market
403 James Madison Road
Gordonsville, VA 22942

Monday 9:30 am- 4:30 pm
Thursday-Saturday  9:30 am - 4:30pm
Sunday 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Louisa, VA

As we passed through Louisa to get to Gordonsville I had noticed an antique store so we agreed to go back to Louisa and have a look at "Just About Antiques II".

We would have driven right past this gem if I hadn't been looking for more shops.  It is very understated in appearance on West Main Street in Louisa, VA.  Owned and operated by William McKinney who took it over from the previous owner about 12 years ago after the previous owner's wife pasted away.  When asked how he got into this business he said, "I have just always loved antiques."  We thoroughly enjoyed searching for treasures in this smaller but well stocked antique shop.  There is something on every shelf, in every corner and he says, "always look up as you may miss something."

Hubby was happy to find a few pipes and happily shared his photo montage of pipes with William while I walked around and took pictures.  Most items were reasonably priced.  Some items, like genuine gem jewelry were priced at worth as well as well known makers like Fenton.  Overall, we enjoyed this shop much more than Gordonsville for friendliness and value.  William is a great guy and had a story or two to share with us.  We really enjoy the conversations we have with people we come across during our antique excursions.

Just About Antiques II
101 W. Main Street
Louisa, VA 23093

Hours:  Weekend only. I'll have to call him for the hours as it's not on his business card.

When we had completed our perusal of the shop we asked William where to find the best eats.  We love BBQ and were planning to go to "Smok'in Eddies BBQ" but William discouraged us with a shake of his head. "You don't want to go there," he said chuckling, "unless you like your BBQ wet."  He suggested trying  "Joe's Place."  So off to Joe's we go.

Don't expect linens and ambiance but do expect a delicious, freshly prepared, home style meal at this little restaurant.  They have a variety of dishes.  Pizza, burgers, country steak with gravy, subs, sandwiches and dessert, all at a very budget friendly price.  I can't say enough about the friendliness of the staff and patrons.  Everyone sits around and talks because they all know each other from frequent visits.  Even our waitress, Peggy, with her cheerful smile and friendly disposition, comes here to eat on her days off.

Hubby tried the country steak and gravy and said it was delicious.  I decided to try the steak and cheese sub and splurged on some fries.  It was delicious also and the fries were the thick crinkle kind not like McDonalds!  They only service pie for dessert.  Chocolate or Lemon meringue pie.  We each had one and split them.  Yummy baked pie and the meringue was toasted on top!  Basic yet satisfying.  If you stop by tell Peggy or Sal we sent you from the Small Town Traveler's blog.

Joe's Place
407 E Main St
Louisa, VA 23093


On the way out of Louisa we spied...what's that?  Can it be????  Goodwill!!!!!  We couldn't help ourselves and so glad we didn't.  I found three name brand purses all in "like new" condition for $3.49 each and a cute new shirt.  Hubby found a Kobo Reader book cover for a song!  Great prices, very nicely laid out and a good selection.

Louisa's citizens have been some of the friendliest and welcoming we have come across in Virginia.  We will definitely be back! Thank you for a great day!

Happy hunting!

Izze and Sean Turlington