Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blackstone and Crew VA Antiques

Trip to Blackstone and Crewe Virginia

Last weekend we decided to visit the historic town of Blackstone, VA where the reported largest Antique mall in southern Virginia existed, at least according to the Sunday Driver Antique Guide.

Blackstone Antiques & Crafts Mall

This antique mall is located right on Main Street along with several other consignment and thrift shops.  It is rather large but not as massive as the Williamsburg Antique Mall nor the selection.

We did find a variety of items such as furniture; knickknacks; new, hand-crafted and vintage jewelry; vintage clothing; vintage collectibles;artwork; framing; Christmas section and some craft items and supplies.  I took my time to look closely at what they offered while my husband quickly scanned through the mall, finally sitting at the front of the store playing "Angry Birds" while he waited for me.

I had a great time looking at some of the vintage jewelry boxes and jewelry in the show cases but decided not to purchase this time.  I really enjoy converting and refurbishing vintage jewelry but was unable to find  any pieces suitable. Much of the new jewelry was very reasonably priced while much of the vintage/antique items were a bit more than we were willing to pay for our purposes.  Make sure to look inside the jewelry trinket boxes, you might find a surprise or two.

The staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and made our experience very pleasant.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm so you have plenty of time to get there and shop the afternoon.

Check out their YouTube video Blackstone Antiques, however, please be aware that much of what was in this video was not at the store.

We ventured into a couple of small consignment/thrift shops down the block then headed across the street.

Blackstone Consignment Shop

This shop has considerable square footage.  We chatted with the owner Ronnie Jordan, a real stand up kind of guy about this shop, what we were doing and he told us stories about the man who carves snake walking sticks with such authentic detail right down to the texture.  I wish I had thought to get a picture but I was too enthralled in the story.  I looked through the store and found a Thomas Kincade music box for about $35 and a small but nice selection of vintage jewelry.  They had large quantities of collectible toys as well as furniture, large paintings and glassware.  I saw a beautiful vintage necklace but a bit more than my pocketbook would allow this visit.  Ronnie assured us all his jewelry has been appraised so be prepared to pay their current market worth.

We really enjoyed visiting with Ronnie and appreciated his time.

Watch their videoYouTube video Blackstone Consignment Shop.

As we headed out of Blackstone I saw there was a little antique store in Crewe mentioned in the Sunday guide and asked hubby did he want to stop in for a few minutes before we headed back home for the day.  We actually passed it the first time and had to turn around.

Old Nottoway Antiques and Gourmet Coffee

Small but charming is the best way that I could describe it.  There is a warmth about this little antique shop and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the owners and staff.  We chatted with Jayne Warriner who runs the Antique store for the owners.   If you look at their website you see it's placed right at the corner of Old Nottoway Road and Carson Rd.  There is a bit of history to this shop so make sure you visit their webpage (note: it hasn't been updated lately).

Heavenly Gourmet Coffee from The Cottage Coffee Company

In addition to period and vintage furniture, glassware, fine antiques and flea market finds, they also sell home roasted gourmet coffee beans.  Jayne's sister roasts these coffee beans and flavors them herself in Lake Arrowhead, CA then ships them to the shop for sale.  We were fortunate to be given a couple of samples to take home and try, Summerberry and Vanilla Nut.  Let me just say we were happily surprised at the smoothness, the rich aroma and overall experience of this coffee.  I am completely hooked on the Summerberry.  This coffee is flavored with four berries and smells absolutely heavenly.  It made me happy just to smell it and even in the trash, after use, it's sweet aroma lingered for hours.

While I wasn't as partial to the Vanilla Nut, my husband really loved it.  I found it to be just as smooth as the Summerberry just not as strong in flavor or scent.  It had a more subtle flavor.  Sean doesn't drink flavored coffee very often but when he does he likes something gourmet.  They also have other flavors such as Chocolate, and non flavored coffee.

8 oz. $9.95
1 lb. $16.95

Preparation:  We found that you will need to use a heaping scoop instead of a level scoop to get the same strength.  It comes out a little light but it's not weak. Go light on the creamer as you don't need as much or it drowns the flavor like dumping ketchup all over a Filet Mignon. You just don't do it. You also barely need any sweetener.

Call Jayne to order and have it shipped to you if you are not in the area 434.378.4575 and if you need it ground for you add $1.00.  See them on Facebook The Cottage Coffee Company.

Shop Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm

That's how we ended our excursions for the day, outside of a little stopover to pick up some gizzards, yes gizzards.  If you follow us you know we are always on a hunt for great gizzard spots.

When we arrived home we ground up some of the Summerberry coffee and sat down to relax for the evening.  Ahhhh such great coffee and such a fun day!

Happy treasure hunting!

Izze and Sean Turlington

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