Friday, March 2, 2012

Mechanicsville, VA Antique Jaunt

We didn't have to wander very far from home to find a couple of great antique shops.  We ran out to Mechanicsville, VA and found a treasure trove of items at our first stop Cold Harbor Antique Mall.

I have been looking for this trinket box for a while after seeing it at several antique shops but the sellers always wanted way too much for it-I'm sure it's still sitting there, too.  I found my latest acquisition at Cold Harbor Antiques for a mere $5.00.  I was so excited! 

A lovely Lenox trinket box with fruit on it.  It made me think of the "Fruit of the Spirit."

I also saw many items that I could have purchased for gifts and a huge print of Johnny Depp smoking a cigarette in a bathtub I'm sure my sister would have loved.  Many Americana items my mom would have loved. She's such a patriot!  There was something for everyone.

Hubby found a couple of pipes to refurbish, of course, and luck of all luck he met an estate buyer who comes across pipes quite regularly so he said he would give us a call next time.  You can imagine my hubby's glee at the thought of that.  Well, if you knew him you could imagine.

My husband found a great, unique collectible for his father.  It was a silver U.S. Navy ashtray with a rifle bullet lighter and on the front was the name of the ship he served engraved on a placard.  What a find!  We took it to his father straight away and I think the man might have shed a tear.  He looks for anything that has his ship name on it.  God bless our veterans!

So many items caught my attention but I settled on just the Lenox box and called it my treasure find for this store.

We left and were on our way to the Goodwill store when we spied another antique mall or rather the Mechanicsville Flea Depot.  Hubby wasn't thrilled about going at first because it use to be pretty run down.  We were both surprised to see how nice it was inside.  Not as much and as nice as Cold Harbor but it was browse worthy.

After looking through most of the mall and many music boxes that had been over-wined, I discovered this precious figurine of a blue bird at a water faucet.  Guess how much it cost??? Yep, $5.00!  Hubby again found more pipes so he was happy we stopped, in hindsight.

Adorable Blue bird waiting for a drink of water from a faucet.
We decided to call it a day after this and are looking forward to discovering more antique shops in our own back yard next weekend!

Oh, I almost forgot...found this charming little crystal egg with a birdie on top at the Midlothian Antiques Center a few weeks ago.  Yes, the top comes off in the middle and you guessed it...$5.00 but it was also 20% off so you do the math!  I so love getting a great deal!

Happy treasure hunting!

Izze and Sean

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