Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hanover, VA - Chamberlayn Road Antique Malls

We continued our excurstions in Mechanicsville, VA this weekend with a trip out to Chamberlayne and Atlee roads.

First stop was the McLawhorn Red Barn Antiques also known as Borkey's Store.  They also do furniture restoration.

 This little place has a little of everything but mostly furniture. Most items were reasonably priced.  I did not see any jewelry but were lots of linens, pots and pans as well as knickknacks.

Main entrance.

If we only had a house I would definitely want this! It's a beautiful and functional piece of bedroom furniture. Back in the day pieces like this were built as space saving storage for a fabulous all-in-on.

Love this vanity!  I didn't even look at the price.

I prefer the enclosed washstand so it has more storage space 
but this is a nice piece for $27.00.
We didn't stay here long as we wanted to get to the larger malls that would take  more time to browse.

On Chamberlayne Road were three shops in a row.  At the furthest point was Chandler's Antiques.  A very small shop and overpriced in our opinion.  Many items in great disrepair but some people prefer that distressed and worn look to give it character.  This shop also has jewelry, old photos, furniture, toys., etc. so it depends on what you are seeking.

Vintage or Antique stroller.

This is a little more ornate that I would like but I thought the craftsmanship was nice.

The second stop was a rather large antique mall called Through the Garden Gate Antiques also on Facebook.  The shop boasts "20,000 square feet of Treasure Hunting" on two levels.  It is a mixture of vintage and new items.  We enjoyed this shop very much and spent a couple of hours here browsing around and of course taking pictures.

Rather large building!
Love to look through knickknacks!
One day...I will have a Lane Cedar Chest.
Autographed photos! Loved Shirley Temple movies as a child-alright I still do.
Rooms very nicely laid out and and many color themed.
My treasure find for the day for $3.00-4.00! Don't you love the colors and the message.
Sparkly things!
This Through the Garden Gate, not the antique store. Everything is cream or white.  A bit unusual and a bit pricey.  They have some vintage clothing that was interesting on the manikins.
I have felt like this some days, haven't you? This gave me a chuckle.
Upstairs in the mall-wow so many items, nooks and crannies to explore.
Hmmmm, not sure what I think about this purse but it was interesting.
Nice vanity set for only $10.00 and 20% off.
Purses, purses and more purses!
More sparkly items.
Reminded me of Emmet Kelley.  Love music boxes.
With my one treasure in hand we headed down the road to our final destination, the Antique Village

This shop boasts over 50 dealers.  It was a smaller shop comparatively, however, they had a wide variety of items from jewelry, war memorabilia, furniture and knickknacks to old telephones.  I enjoyed browsing this shop the most because of the variety of vintage items.

Oh where to begin!
Many dealers had sales.
Lovely jewelry selection at several vendors.
This metal musical almost became one of my treasures of the day except I didn't like the tune. I've been interested in metal musicals lately for some reason but most are too big and I have no place to put them.
Old phonographs and metal toys.
Quite a selection of telephones.  With the advent of the cell phone I believe these are becoming obsolete in homes.  Do you still have one?  We have one just in case of power outage.
This is a reproduction but absolutely adored it.  Would look nice in my mountain cabin one day.
Beautiful wash bowl and pitcher.
For the Irish in you.
This booth was fun to look through.
First time I've seen Coca-Cola on this type of serving ware.  Posh isn't it.
This was an interesting purse.  Not my taste but someone is sure to love it.
Love trinket boxes aren't these so pretty?
I've not seen this style of Vintage Black Americana.  Very unique.
My treasure of the day and a real bargain at $12.00.  I'm not much of a ring wearer but this was just so lovely with it's blue and pink flowers with green peridot leaves that I couldn't pass it up.

We had a great Saturday afternoon visiting Hanover and exploring the shops.  The owners and employees were very nice and I want to extend a sincere thank you for allowing me to take pictures to share and hopefully generate more interest to stop in and shop.

Also want to give a shout out to Rachel of Silver Lining Decor on Etsy who I met while browsing at the Antique Village.  She makes re-purposed vintage jewelry.

If you visit one of these shops please tell us about your experience.

Happy treasure hunting!

Izze and Sean

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  1. What a fun run-down of these antique stores! I frequent the two last ones you mentioned often and they are great places to spend your day! It was nice meeting you and thanks again for the mention!!