Sunday, February 19, 2012

My best birthday ever!

 "Happy Birthday!",  my husband exclaimed at 7:00 am, "let's get moving."  We quickly got ready, gathered our supplies and put them in the car, stopped for coffee and gas then hit the road.

Hubby had a surprise for me for my Birthday... a road trip but I didn't know where we were heading except to Culpepper to visit an antique mall and that I had to pack enough for overnight.  It was a beautiful cool October day.  The first day it had felt like fall.  We turned on the radio and sang to classic rock songs all the way up to Culpepper.  I can't remember when we've had so much fun.

We headed out on Rt. 522 to Rt. 3 from Richmond, VA about 8:00 in the morning.  We arrived in Culpepper, VA in Green County at the intersection of Rt. 29 and Rt. 33 where there are several antique or "junktique" shops as we call them and checked out several of them.

We then headed towards Christiansburg on I-81 to Rt. 58 where my husband finally told me we were going to Meadows of Dan, my favorite place, to stay the night and spend the next day.  As we were driving towards Meadows of Dan it was pretty late and we could not find a place that was open or had any vacancies. We drove on and finally stopped outside of Meadows of Dan at a motel that looked closed.  We took a chance and knocked on the door.  Luckily they were still awake and rented us a room.  We quickly took showers and fell into bed, exhausted from our day of exploring.

Bright and early Sunday morning we got dressed and headed to town for breakfast.  As we were driving to the Mabry's Mill Restaurant and Gift Shop I saw the mill in the early morning light... I sucked in my breath in awe of the sight and exlaimed, "it's gorgeous, this was so worth the trip!"  Of course, I immediately want to jump out and take pictures as my hubby was dragging me to the restaurant because he was hungry.

We splurged on breakfast and had buckweat pancakes with real maple syrup and butter, omlets, bacon, grits and homemade buttermilk biscuits.  It was a true feast.  Then the waitress brought me a piece of cake with a candle in it and sang "Happy Birthday."  Of course, it was too early for cake so we boxed it up.

We also visited a few of the shops in town then decided to visit our favorite winery Chateau Morrisette and take the tour.  It was incredible!  After the tour we grabbed a bite to eat outside and listened to a visiting singer.
Cateau Morrisette Winery-Favorite wine is Sweet Mountain Laurel a sweet white wine.
A must stop is the Country Store.

Nancy's Candy Co.-What an experience!

On the way home we visited a few spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway like Lover's Leap and saw a few covered bridges.

Many a visitors to this site and they left their marks.

Ah a beautiful sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We took Rt. 460 to Rt. 29 to Amhurst, VA then Rt. 60 home.  It was an incredible trip and an incredible birthday! One of my most memorable.  Thanks to my hubby!

Dillwyn and Fork Union, VA

We started out our trip up Rt. 60 heading through the quaint town of Cumberland, VA.  There are several small "Antique" stores in a cluster on Anderson Highway such as Old Coach Antiques and Bullocks Antiques and Gifts.  Old Coach Antiques has a small collection of musical instruments in the back as well as memorabilia.

We turned on Rt. 15 towards Dillwyn, VA to visit the Christian Outreach Thrift Store.  In it's earlier days of operation they had very little inventory but have since exploded.  We had purchased a great HP Laser printer and convertible computer monitor that was donated by the state there about a year ago and wanted to see what else they had received.  We were greatly surprised when we saw how they had grown!

 This is the main entrance. Take it all in!

 They have a large children's section of clothing, bedding and toys.

 They have everything from shoes and hats to dishes and electronics!

 Reminds me of something my grandmother had in her home.  
She loved roses and had a rose room.

 This is so pretty, wish I could have purchased this set!

We didn't find any treasures this time, or at least anything we were prepared to pay as much as they wanted but it was fun to look around.  The wash pitcher and bowl caught my attention but they wanted $35.00 for the pair.  Most of their prices are very reasonable and far under what you might think you would pay.  One day when I finally get a house to put an antique wash table in I'll get one of these.

Cons:  We had just one criticism. Since the walkways are fairly narrow it was a bit inconvenient to have to keep moving out of the way while workers brought in inventory the entire time we were there.  It made it difficult to enjoy looking around.  I would recommend they restock either before or after business hours so not to disturb the customers.

If in the area definitely stop by the Dairy Freeze before you go to the thrift store  for some yummy food.  They have the best chili, slaw, cheese burgers and fries and a have dipped cone for dessert.  I'm not admitting to eating it recently but the first time my hubby took me there four years ago they were great.  Reminds me of the burgers at 2nd Street Lunch in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

We headed back to Richmond, VA through Fork Union on Rt. 6.  Fork Union Village Restaurant is one of our favorite places to stop and eat.  The desserts are to die for especially the sugar free banana cream pie prepared by the owner, Keith, who is a dessert wizard.  If you want a home cooked meal and are in the area you must stop here.  Tell Julie and Keith we said hello!  The Fork Union Village Restaurant

Across the street is a great little pharmacy call the Fork Union Pharmacy that has some really cute and unique decorating items for your home as well as unique gifts and edibles.  I and a team of Hallmark employees installed a Hallmark card section in the pharmacy which is how I found out about it. I discovered a really cute Christmas purse and vine angel there a year ago and use both yearly.
Beside the Restaurant is a new addition to Fork Union, the Fork Union Surplus and flea market.  There was not much stock as yet, however, we will check back another time when we are in Fork Union again.

It was a short trip just to get out and enjoy the beautiful day just wish we had started earlier so we had more time to hit some of the other shops along the way.

If you visit any of these shops or restaurants please tell us about your experience.

Happy hunting!

Izze and Sean