Sunday, January 29, 2012

Williamsburg Antique Mall

Williamsburg, known for it's historic attractions and Busch Gardens can also be known for having a fabulous antique mall.  We were at Lightfoot Antique Mall (junktique mall as my hubby says) and someone recommended we head up to the Williamsburg Antique Mall.  Another mall nearby??? How could we not know about this mall?  If you haven't been here you must visit.  It has 45,000 sq. feet of treasures. Something for everyone! It's on the back entrance to the old Pottery so no wonder we have missed it all these years.

We only had about two hours to investigate and we went into powermalling mode.  Believe it or not we did make it through this enormous mall in under two hours but really did not have time to really look.  It was more scan items and move on.  We plan to return another day when we can get there early so we have time to really take it all in and perhaps take a break at the tea room.  I reviewed the menu and between you and me I'm looking forward to trying the ultimate Reuben and the scones! 

Here is the link to the mall.  Make sure you watch the video.
Williamsburg Antique Mall

If you visit this shop please tell us about your experience.

Happy Hunting!
Izze and Sean

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