Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Lost City of Pamplin and Mountain Travels with our Daughter

We headed up to the Blue Ridge Mountains early Saturday morning to take our daughter on her first real trip  to the Virginia mountains to see why we love the mountains so much.

On the way we stopped in Pamplin, VA.  Pamplin is the city that never was.  Originally, Pamplin was the largest Clay Pipe factory in the world.  Currently the factory is now on the registry of national landmarks and is located off the side of business 460.  They also have a train depot that has been transformed into the Appomattox County Library and a dance hall.  Soon to come is the High Bridge Trail State Park which is planned to be completed sometime in the spring of 2012.  We met with the librarian, who showed us around the depot and talked, very proudly, about the new state park that will end in Pamplin.  Pamplin is also mentioned in the table book entitled, "Lost Communities of Virginia" by Terri Fisher.  In support, I purchased a t-shirt for $10.00.  We can't wait to go back when the park and bridge are finished.  Currently the bridge is closed.  

We continued past Bedford, VA and up the Blue Ridge Parkway throughout the day including Sharp Top Mountain at Peaks of Otter.  We stopped for lunch and, of course, I had to buy a sweatshirt and hat to commemorate the day.

My daughter oohed and ahhed at every turn, snapping picture after picture.  She claims not to be a photographer but a picture taker, capturing the moment.  We both realize that often being in the roll of picture taker, we miss actually enjoying the moment.

 As you can see a weather system was moving in on top of the mountain near  Buena Vista.

It made for some stormy looking clouds and chilly wind so we didn't stay long at the top.
As we headed back down to the base of the mountain the sun came back out and it warmed up at the James River Visitor Center.

 Of course "Goodtime Charlie" had to get into the water and the MUD! lol

We drove a bit more on the parkway and saw a spectacular sunset sweep across the mountains.  Of course we both (Kiera and I) had to stop for pictures.

 Then it was on to Wigwam Falls our last scenic stop of the day before dark.  You can see how bleak and colorless the mountains are during the winter.  It is not my favorite time of the year to take pictures but it was interesting to see the ice on the falls (I use that term loosely).

We then headed back down toward Amherst and back to Richmond.  We hope to visit Crabtree Falls in the spring and also go back to Indian Gap where there are some huge boulders down the path that are pretty interesting.

Overall it was a time to refresh and rejuvenate.  A time to reflect and spend quality family time together.  Most importantly, a time to let the worldly cares just melt away. 

Here is a link to the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooks and places of interest.

If you visit any of these spots please tell us about your experience.

Happy travels!
Izze and Sean


  1. Good shots, madre!
    Like the self-portrait!

    Might be stealing one of these for a profile picture.

  2. Gorgeous pictures from some very good photographers, remember we all have an inner photographer because its all in how we view the world!

  3. Thanks jenir...everyone has their own perspective!