Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Thrift Store in Midlothian-CHKD Thift Store

New Thrift Store in Midlothian-CHKD Thift Store
Chesterfield County 

Many of you have driven down Midlothian Turnpike and have seen the Atkins Lighting store but what you might not realize is that the store front facing the turnpike is now CHKD Thift Store.  When I first noticed the change I thought it was just a thrift store for children's items but I was mistaken and happily so.

CHKD Thift Store (Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters) recently opened in Chesterfield about two months ago.  All proceeds benefit making children well.  What better way to spend your hard earned money or to donate your unused items to saving a sick child.

I recently visited the Chesterfield location and made the following observations.  The inside layout and prices remind me of the famed Family Thrift and Diversity Thrift stores so you know you will be getting a good deal.  They have the usual suspects: jewelry, clothing, accessories, electronics, furniture and toys.  I found several brand named items at a great price so come check it out all my thrifty shoppers!


Monday:  Military 20% off; 25% off if you text 71440 with the message kids30

Thursday: Seniors 55+ 20%off


8278 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23235

Map: CHKD Location Map

Phone: 804.272.5437


Happy thrifting!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Junktiquing in Buena Vista and Lexington, VA

Junktiquing in Buena Vista and Lexington, VA
Rt. 60 and 81
Shenandoah Valley

We made an impromptu decision to head out to the mountains this weekend. With impending snow coming the first of the week, we wanted to enjoy the nice weather and my Saturday off. 

We love this side of the mountain.  It has a different feel and scenery than the east side.  The Maury river runs along parallel to Rt. 81 and is a hot spot for canoers and kayakers in the peak seasons.

It was just a beautiful, relaxing country drive. I'll skip the trip details this time, as it was marginally uneventful, and just get to the details of the antique shops we discovered.

Our first stop was in Buena Vista, VA where we stopped for a bite to eat.  We were looking for the famous "Franks for the Memories" restaurant but it was closed for the season.  They are famous for their hot dogs and burgers.  It's an outdoor tent with seating and under new management we were told.

We went down Magnolia, which use to be the main street, and found a few shops and went into Ace's Attic Antiques.  A very small shop with a lot of character and charm.  Interesting items, depending what you are seeking.  Say hello to Jim!

After Ace's we heading on out to Lexington to the two large antique stores we found in the guide.  We were surprised at how developed Lexington was, yet still felt homey.  It's also the home of VMI.

The Antique Mall we found first and a mall it is!  Over 200 vendors and 40,000 sq. feet!  About a 1/3 of it is furniture so that cut down on the amount of time we would have spent.  We had a great time looking through here and spent about 2 hours pursuing all the booths.  So many items we've not seen before at other malls so that was exciting.  I could have walked out with quite a few items if I'd had the room for it at home but keeping that in mind I restrained myself.  The only downfall of this mall is the layout and lighting.  You end up walking around back into the same areas you had already been because it is chaotic.  I think they just want to you to stay. lol  They have a pug that is the store mascot but he was no where to be found for a photo.  This is a definite stop to make.  You will enjoy yourself.  If you like art glass, knick knacks, collectibles, etc. you will be overwhelmed with the selection which will make it difficult to make choices. lol  Pricing ranged from market value and retail to down right deals!

Military and coins
A wide selection of jewelry, collectibles, glassware, furniture, etc.
I have been looking for one of these Japanese Dolls since I lost mine 30 years ago.  It was a gift from an old friend back in college. Wish I could have purchased it but it was nice to see one again.
Beautiful fish watercolor I really wanted to own.
60s-70s paperweight-reminds me of the Partridge Family for some reason.
Beautiful hand-painted Chinese panel would have love to have as well.

Old butter churn and Americana items.

Old ceramic jewelry box, old albums and magazines.

Our next destination was to find Duke's Lexington Antique Center.  Like the VMFA they are open 365 days a year!

They have over 200 dealers and consignments.  We really liked this store's layout and lighting.  Very easy to navigate and brightly lit so you can see.  It is also climate controlled which helps to preserve the items from warping and temperature damage.

You want unusual....then this is the place.  They have a large carnival attraction in the back of the store of the electric chair among other carnival attractions like carousel horses.  They also have several player pianos, jewelry, artwork, glassware, collectibles and much, much more!

Outside of the store.
The store mascot, Morris the cat, prowling around.
Morris the Cat posing for his cameo.
I think Morris has had enough pictures taken.  He did come back to me in the store to be pet. 
Just look at this lighting and selection!
Very spacious!

Lots of pretty things for the ladies and manly items for the guys.

We enjoyed this store as well with the wide variety of the unusual. Again many items we've never seen we found here and it will bring us back again.  We didn't have the time we would have liked to spend in here but both hubby and I found at least one item....of course hubby found a pipe. :)  I found a very pretty glass etched apple.  Both items were very reasonably priced.

We headed back and tried to have dinner at the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, VA but it was packed as usual.  I think you must come early to get in here as it seems rather popular.  They are suppose to have excellent food and beverages.  We just didn't have time to wait.
It was a relaxing and fun day in the Shenandoah Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We met some nice people and found a couple of great antique malls.  So many more places in the area that we would like to come back and see next time.  It's a really nice area and Roanoke is on the other side of Buena Vista.  We are thinking this might be a nice place to relocate one day. ;)

If you have been to this area I'd love the hear your comments. If you visit the antique malls please tell them you heard about them from Izze.

Happy hunting!

Izze & Sean

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thift Store Find: Twice as Nyce -Midlothian, VA

Thrift Find-Twice as Nyce 

Second-hand Store

Midlothian, VA

I was out today and happened to see a Closing Store 50% off sign in the window of a second hand store in Midlothian at the Victorian Square Shopping Center on Hull Street between Courthouse and Genito where Marqet Place Antiques is located. I'd not been there before. It's called Twice as Nyce, which I thought was a consignment shop. 

They are a small store but their prices are absolutely the lowest I've seen. They have clothing for $1...Jewelry .95 cents, rings for $10 and these are nice rings that are 14K! Lots of stuff is in the cases. Clothing, shoes, knick knacks; dishes, appliances, etc. 

They have been there for 3 years and they are closing that location and hoping to move to somewhere on Midlothian, Hull or Chippenham and out of the shopping center as business has not been good because of their location. As you know it's all about location, location, location! They are the best kept secret in Richmond. 

If you get a chance to get over there make sure to tell Brian "Bee", Steven "Harry Potter", or Marvin "The Martian" that Izze sent you. I promised I'd spread the word. They will notify me when they move and I'll post the new  location.

Brian is also looking for partners to go in with them to get a larger place. All of them really nice guys!

Brian says, "we love to save you money and make thrifting fun again without the high prices!"  Brian and the guys also help out families in need, if asked.  He also says, "it's not about the money, it's about helping others and giving back to the community."

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Current Address: 11023 Hull St.
Current Phone: 804-675-0075

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Antique Shop in Chesterfield! Take a Gander...

Friday I decided to take the day and do my antique shop tour of Chesterfield.  Along with my usual haunts on Hull Street and Midlothian Turnpike I stopped in at the "big red barn" and discovered a new shop called, "Take a Gander Antique and Gifts."  Owned and operated by Cathy Hyll, she opened about a month ago in April 2012.

It's a small but nicely arranged space with antiques, jewelry, quilts, rugs, collectibles and wrought iron.  She is still figuring out what is their niche' but I thought they had a nice selection of items for just starting out.

Stop by and check out this new addition to our antique shops and tell Cathy that Izze sent you.  I saw a necklace my daughter might like so I plan to go back soon, myself.

Of mention, Cathy's sister makes rings.  Ask Cathy to show you hers, it was beautiful!

While you are in the same shopping center stop by at the "Attic Treasures".  There is always something new in this consignment shop and items on discount.

I also stopped by the Thrifty Quaker and Midlothian Antiques Center on Midlothian Turnpike.

Midlothian Antiques Center

On Hull street you must visit The MarQet Place antique, furniture and gift mall in the K-Mart shopping center next to the Dollar Tree.

Antiquing in Gordonsville and Louisa, VA

Gordonsville, VA

Today was just a great day for a road trip.  Perfect weather, sunny, mid 70s, no humidity and blue skies.  We decided to visit Gordonsville, VA today for a bit of antiquing at "Gordonsville Antique & Flea Market" just on the other side of Louisa, VA.

Winding down mostly back country roads to enjoy the beautiful green landscapes, windows wide open, while singing at the top of our lungs to our 80s rock play list on the mp3 player.  Life doesn't get better than this.

From Richmond we drove on 288N, 64W, 522N then 33W to Gordonsville.

Looks are deceiving.  While it looks rather small on the outside it is a large space inside with about 50 or more vendors.  Let's take a look.


Owned and operated by Sonny, they do not advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or any other publication except the The Sunday Driver Antique map.  Sonny says, "We publicize by word of mouth."

I was amazed at not only the quantity but the quality of items in this little town of Gordonsville.  Upscale vintage and antique jewelry at appraisal prices.  Wide variety of items from furniture to antique toys.  The ceiling was covered with vintage metal lunch boxes like stars in the sky.  I can't believe someone wouldn't find something here that they would fall in love with.  However, as I mentioned, most items are at appraisal prices so I wouldn't come here if you are looking for a deal. Some of the dealers have good prices but overall we agreed that they must be watching "Pawn Stars",  "American Pickers" or "Antique's Road Show" for some of the pricing.  We didn't find any treasures there today but we had fun looking around. They also have an outdoor flea market in front of the store so come early as they pack up around 2:00 pm.

Gordonsville Antique and Flea Market
403 James Madison Road
Gordonsville, VA 22942

Monday 9:30 am- 4:30 pm
Thursday-Saturday  9:30 am - 4:30pm
Sunday 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Louisa, VA

As we passed through Louisa to get to Gordonsville I had noticed an antique store so we agreed to go back to Louisa and have a look at "Just About Antiques II".

We would have driven right past this gem if I hadn't been looking for more shops.  It is very understated in appearance on West Main Street in Louisa, VA.  Owned and operated by William McKinney who took it over from the previous owner about 12 years ago after the previous owner's wife pasted away.  When asked how he got into this business he said, "I have just always loved antiques."  We thoroughly enjoyed searching for treasures in this smaller but well stocked antique shop.  There is something on every shelf, in every corner and he says, "always look up as you may miss something."

Hubby was happy to find a few pipes and happily shared his photo montage of pipes with William while I walked around and took pictures.  Most items were reasonably priced.  Some items, like genuine gem jewelry were priced at worth as well as well known makers like Fenton.  Overall, we enjoyed this shop much more than Gordonsville for friendliness and value.  William is a great guy and had a story or two to share with us.  We really enjoy the conversations we have with people we come across during our antique excursions.

Just About Antiques II
101 W. Main Street
Louisa, VA 23093

Hours:  Weekend only. I'll have to call him for the hours as it's not on his business card.

When we had completed our perusal of the shop we asked William where to find the best eats.  We love BBQ and were planning to go to "Smok'in Eddies BBQ" but William discouraged us with a shake of his head. "You don't want to go there," he said chuckling, "unless you like your BBQ wet."  He suggested trying  "Joe's Place."  So off to Joe's we go.

Don't expect linens and ambiance but do expect a delicious, freshly prepared, home style meal at this little restaurant.  They have a variety of dishes.  Pizza, burgers, country steak with gravy, subs, sandwiches and dessert, all at a very budget friendly price.  I can't say enough about the friendliness of the staff and patrons.  Everyone sits around and talks because they all know each other from frequent visits.  Even our waitress, Peggy, with her cheerful smile and friendly disposition, comes here to eat on her days off.

Hubby tried the country steak and gravy and said it was delicious.  I decided to try the steak and cheese sub and splurged on some fries.  It was delicious also and the fries were the thick crinkle kind not like McDonalds!  They only service pie for dessert.  Chocolate or Lemon meringue pie.  We each had one and split them.  Yummy baked pie and the meringue was toasted on top!  Basic yet satisfying.  If you stop by tell Peggy or Sal we sent you from the Small Town Traveler's blog.

Joe's Place
407 E Main St
Louisa, VA 23093


On the way out of Louisa we spied...what's that?  Can it be????  Goodwill!!!!!  We couldn't help ourselves and so glad we didn't.  I found three name brand purses all in "like new" condition for $3.49 each and a cute new shirt.  Hubby found a Kobo Reader book cover for a song!  Great prices, very nicely laid out and a good selection.

Louisa's citizens have been some of the friendliest and welcoming we have come across in Virginia.  We will definitely be back! Thank you for a great day!

Happy hunting!

Izze and Sean Turlington

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blackstone and Crew VA Antiques

Trip to Blackstone and Crewe Virginia

Last weekend we decided to visit the historic town of Blackstone, VA where the reported largest Antique mall in southern Virginia existed, at least according to the Sunday Driver Antique Guide.

Blackstone Antiques & Crafts Mall

This antique mall is located right on Main Street along with several other consignment and thrift shops.  It is rather large but not as massive as the Williamsburg Antique Mall nor the selection.

We did find a variety of items such as furniture; knickknacks; new, hand-crafted and vintage jewelry; vintage clothing; vintage collectibles;artwork; framing; Christmas section and some craft items and supplies.  I took my time to look closely at what they offered while my husband quickly scanned through the mall, finally sitting at the front of the store playing "Angry Birds" while he waited for me.

I had a great time looking at some of the vintage jewelry boxes and jewelry in the show cases but decided not to purchase this time.  I really enjoy converting and refurbishing vintage jewelry but was unable to find  any pieces suitable. Much of the new jewelry was very reasonably priced while much of the vintage/antique items were a bit more than we were willing to pay for our purposes.  Make sure to look inside the jewelry trinket boxes, you might find a surprise or two.

The staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and made our experience very pleasant.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm so you have plenty of time to get there and shop the afternoon.

Check out their YouTube video Blackstone Antiques, however, please be aware that much of what was in this video was not at the store.

We ventured into a couple of small consignment/thrift shops down the block then headed across the street.

Blackstone Consignment Shop

This shop has considerable square footage.  We chatted with the owner Ronnie Jordan, a real stand up kind of guy about this shop, what we were doing and he told us stories about the man who carves snake walking sticks with such authentic detail right down to the texture.  I wish I had thought to get a picture but I was too enthralled in the story.  I looked through the store and found a Thomas Kincade music box for about $35 and a small but nice selection of vintage jewelry.  They had large quantities of collectible toys as well as furniture, large paintings and glassware.  I saw a beautiful vintage necklace but a bit more than my pocketbook would allow this visit.  Ronnie assured us all his jewelry has been appraised so be prepared to pay their current market worth.

We really enjoyed visiting with Ronnie and appreciated his time.

Watch their videoYouTube video Blackstone Consignment Shop.

As we headed out of Blackstone I saw there was a little antique store in Crewe mentioned in the Sunday guide and asked hubby did he want to stop in for a few minutes before we headed back home for the day.  We actually passed it the first time and had to turn around.

Old Nottoway Antiques and Gourmet Coffee

Small but charming is the best way that I could describe it.  There is a warmth about this little antique shop and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the owners and staff.  We chatted with Jayne Warriner who runs the Antique store for the owners.   If you look at their website you see it's placed right at the corner of Old Nottoway Road and Carson Rd.  There is a bit of history to this shop so make sure you visit their webpage (note: it hasn't been updated lately).

Heavenly Gourmet Coffee from The Cottage Coffee Company

In addition to period and vintage furniture, glassware, fine antiques and flea market finds, they also sell home roasted gourmet coffee beans.  Jayne's sister roasts these coffee beans and flavors them herself in Lake Arrowhead, CA then ships them to the shop for sale.  We were fortunate to be given a couple of samples to take home and try, Summerberry and Vanilla Nut.  Let me just say we were happily surprised at the smoothness, the rich aroma and overall experience of this coffee.  I am completely hooked on the Summerberry.  This coffee is flavored with four berries and smells absolutely heavenly.  It made me happy just to smell it and even in the trash, after use, it's sweet aroma lingered for hours.

While I wasn't as partial to the Vanilla Nut, my husband really loved it.  I found it to be just as smooth as the Summerberry just not as strong in flavor or scent.  It had a more subtle flavor.  Sean doesn't drink flavored coffee very often but when he does he likes something gourmet.  They also have other flavors such as Chocolate, and non flavored coffee.

8 oz. $9.95
1 lb. $16.95

Preparation:  We found that you will need to use a heaping scoop instead of a level scoop to get the same strength.  It comes out a little light but it's not weak. Go light on the creamer as you don't need as much or it drowns the flavor like dumping ketchup all over a Filet Mignon. You just don't do it. You also barely need any sweetener.

Call Jayne to order and have it shipped to you if you are not in the area 434.378.4575 and if you need it ground for you add $1.00.  See them on Facebook The Cottage Coffee Company.

Shop Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm

That's how we ended our excursions for the day, outside of a little stopover to pick up some gizzards, yes gizzards.  If you follow us you know we are always on a hunt for great gizzard spots.

When we arrived home we ground up some of the Summerberry coffee and sat down to relax for the evening.  Ahhhh such great coffee and such a fun day!

Happy treasure hunting!

Izze and Sean Turlington

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Village Grill-Chester, VA

Sorry I haven't been on in a while but we haven't been able to get out and about to the antique shops due to some car vandalism.  However, on my work travels I happened upon a little grill in Chester, VA called The Village Grill.  I would have missed it since it's not on the main road (Rt. 10).  I turned into the parking lot at the fork where there is a Dunkin Donuts to grab lunch while I waited to have a meeting and spied the grill across the street.  My curiosity got the best of me and I pulled in to give it a try.

I am always up to try a small grill, they usually have the best food and if motorcycles are out front that's always a good sign.  Bikers know the best places to eat.  I walked in and noticed the decor which was little round tables with checkerboard table covers and iron heart back chairs.  The walls decorated with a hodge podge of memorabilia, some inspirational and some just plain comical.  They also have a TV.

I ordered a double cheeseburger with chili and slaw.  Just the basics and my favorite.  If that passed the taste test I'd be back with reinforcements.  The owner brought my burger and it was big and messy just like I like it.  I bit into it and an uncontrollable moan of pleasure escaped my mouth.  It brought back memories of 2nd Street Lunch in my home town in North Carolina.  Actually it was better!  You have no idea how difficult it is to get a burger made that way.  I'm won over!

They have a wide selection of grill items, sides and ice cream treats including milkshakes and banana splits.  They also have breakfast but they only serve until 10:30 a.m.

This building looks like an ice cream parlor converted to a grill.  There is not much seating and the chairs are a bit uncomfortable.  Wait to use the restroom as it's outside in the back of the building.  You don't come here for the ambiance, you come here for the food and conversation. The owners are pretty darn nice, too. Dress casual.

I am looking forward to bringing hubby or my employees out to try it one day soon.

Look for them on facebook.

Recommended by Small Town Travelers for value and great eats.

Izze & Sean